Folding / Perforating / Die Cutting Letterpress Scoring

There's nothing more annoying than receiving a thousand stunning brochures to distribute, only to discover they still need to be folded - a job which is bound to cost you at least one quiet evening at home!

Fortunately, Stallard & Potter have all the machinery on hand to ensure the job is exactly how you want it - down to each last fold and perforation.

You can even have your business letters pre-loaded into envelopes! This all means saved time for you, and time is money!

Our facilities enable you to incorporate properly perforated 'tear-off slips' into your client correspondance, eye-catching accessories cut out with our specialist die-cutting machine, and accurate scores in cardboard for easy assembly of cardboard displays and the like.

Stallard & Potter's comprehensive range of finishing services mean you receive the job exactly the way you want it.