Digital and Offset Printing Services in Adelaide

Whatever your printing requirements, Stallard & Potter have a printing press to do the job.

Our Konica Minolta digital printer is ideal for jobs requiring a short print run.

It produces almost photographic quality prints, and because it's all digital, it requires very little time to be spent in the pre-press department, meaning savings for you.

A short print run on the digital press could be in your hands within 2 days or less.

Alternatively, we have state-of-the-art Heidelberg Colour and Monochrome Offset presses. While these require more time in the pre-press area, the cost per page is less than that of digital when the quantities rise above a certain level.

Offset printing is therefore the best choice if you're doing a long print run, or if you know you're going to be doing several runs of the same job, e.g. tourist information brochures.

We generate all the metal plates for the offset presses in-house and store them for several years, so pre-press setup time can be considerably reduced for any consecutive runs providing you haven't changed your printing details.

The offset presses also have the edge on quality, so would be the preferred choice when print quality is the major consideration.