Business Cards and Raised Printing in Adelaide

Want to make you business cards stand out from the rest? Stallard & Potter have the answer.

Full-colour raised print business cards look and feel great, and show your clients you really mean business. And raised printing isn't limited to just business cards; it can be applied to anything from small cards right up to A4 size paper!

The raised print is a specialised process which involves applying a fine powder to the wet ink and passing it through a heat tunnel which instantly creates the raised effect.

This means you can feel the text on the card, rather than just see it. Add some textured card and a full range of colours, and you've got a product that's dressed to impress!

Raised printing is great for most situations, however because of the heat required during the raising process, raised print can only be applied to one side of the card or paper, and documents with raised printing should never be fed through a photocopier or laser printer. The heat these devices use will re-melt the ink and necessitate costly repairs on your machine.

Our competitive pricing depends on the size of your order, the complexity of your design and the number of colours used.

For your best solution for business cards in Adelaide, contact us to discuss or request a quote online, direct from our sales department.