Stickers / Wine Labels

Stallard & Potter aren't limited to printing on just paper...

We can also apply our full range of services to self-adhesive media, meaning you can add 'stickers' to your list of products to request for your next printing job.

We have access to a wide range of standard size label sheets, meaning you can quickly and economically create a box of identical labels to suit your specific requirements. OR we can specifically diecut labels to the required size

In fact, labels were one of the first lines the business introduced at its inception, so we've been printing labels for over half a century to get it right!

One of the areas we specialise in is labels for wine bottles, meaning our professionally-printed labels have graced the outside of some quality wines made in Australia, many of which are exported worldwide.

Contact us to discuss your specific sticking printing requirements, or request a quote on your next batch of stickers or labels.